11 Things I learnt in 2018

11 Things I learnt in 2018

I celebrated my 38th birthday on December 11th and woke up with an overwhelming spirit of gratitude. Thankful for life, good health, family, friends and most of all, for God’s amazing grace. That morning as I was getting ready to make my celebratory Instagram post, the Lord brought to my recollection eleven points that He had revealed to me earlier that year. I’d like to share them with you, in the hopes that you will be inspired…

  1. In my setbacks, God is my Compass
  2. In my disappointment, He is my Anchor
  3. In my weakness, He is my Strength
  4. In my failures, He is my Hope
  5. In my struggles, He is my Help
  6. In my wait, He is my Peace
  7. In my downcast, He is the Lifter of my head
  8. In my appointment, He is my Anointing
  9. In my frustration, He is my Grace
  10. In my sickness, He is my Healer
  11. In my pain, He is my Joy


May you be strengthened and inspired as you walk boldly in faith. Go with God and “let your light shine.”

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