Go for it!

Go for it!

I discovered the gift of painting after spending 36 years on this planet. Yup, it’s true. One day I just got up and had an overwhelming interest and passion to paint. So I went out and bought canvas, easel  brushes, paints and got to work. What happened that day was nothing less than a miracle that forever shifted the course of my life. Some would call me a late bloomer but I believe that there are no late blooms when we serve an on-time God.  It’s my belief that God in His infinite wisdom has placed multiple gifts in us and like pieces of a puzzle, each discovery and application of our talents unlocks another part in our life’s purpose. I’m inspired and at awe of how simply amazing God is. 

One day I just got up and had and overwhelming interest and passion to paint.

Do you know that you have greatness inside you? Yes you do!  In you are multiple gifts that have been placed to you to make a powerful impact on this world. I pray today that another piece of your purpose is unlocked and for the boldness to step out in faith.  Don’t wait for the approval of others. Go for it, you’ve got greatness inside you and the world is waiting for you to “let your light shine”

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