I am a Creative Thinker

I am a Creative Thinker

This morning I woke up with a myriad of thoughts swirling in my head as I contemplated a major life changing move. While trying to define who I was in the quest to strategically position myself for new opportunities, I came upon a startling revelation. 15years of corporate expertise in marketing , I am also a designer, an artist, an entrepreneur , and event planner, a speaker, a mentor, a dream builder.

But with such a wide range of expertise and experiences how do I group them in one title? Then it dawned on me, that the reason I have all these titles and experiences is because “I am a Creative Thinker”. I naturally think of ways to do things differently, I naturally identify gaps and get excited by thinking of creative ways to plug them. It’s my gift of “creative thinking” that allows me to work in any industry, consult for any businesses, while launching businesses that builds dreams and serves a need. It’s my creative thinking that sees opportunities, seizes them while creating new ones.

I remember once a business partner told me ” your thoughts are crazy, but I believe in you that it will work”. And that it did! So today, be encouraged that you are more than what your resume says. It’s your thoughts and ideas that hold the true value.

May you be strengthened and inspired as you walk boldly in faith. Go with God and let your light shine.

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