Career marketer launches into art

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Blessings in Abundance — acrylic with textured glitter on cancas.

Tshani Jaja has been a marketer for much of her professional life, having spent the last 16 years practising various specialities in the wide-ranging field — from brand management, content marketing, public relations, sponsorship, events management, to risk mitigation and reputation management.

She has held management positions at multinational conglomerate 3M Interamerica, telecomms giant Digicel, and regional digital advertising solutions company Yello Media Group, where she is currently director of marketing.

But over the past year, Jaja has been working to develop an entirely different skill — abstract painting.

“One day I just got up and had an overwhelming interest in and passion to paint. So, I went out and bought canvas, easel, brushes and paints and got to work,” Jaja told the Jamaica Observer on Friday.

“What happened that day was nothing less than a miracle that forever shifted the course of my life. Some would call me a late bloomer but I believe that there are no late blooms when we serve an on-time God,” she added.

Jaja, 36, who is also an inspirational speaker, now has a collection of some 30 pieces which she is launching in Stony Hill today under the brand Morning Glory Arts, of which she is founder and managing director.

The business name is inpsired by Jaja’s own names — Tshani Dassita Birhan —which mean marvellous morning glory gift of God. Tshnai is Hebrew, while Dassita Birhan are Ethiopian.

“It was only in my late 20s, after giving my life to Christ, that I began to truly understand purpose and that the Lord has blessed us with multiple talents. My art is a an expression of the glory of God, the Creator of heaven and earth. So great and awesome are His works that they can never be replicated. It is the same thinking that I give to each uniquely inspired painting. No two paintings are alike, and I do not do prints. It is my desire for my art pieces to inspire hope, glorify God, and shine a light in the lives of each art owner,” she told Career & Education
Jaja says each of her pieces is inspired by God to shift the atmosphere of every home, retail store, business or gallery where it’s hung.

“It’s my belief that God, in His infinite wisdom, has placed multiple gifts in us and, like pieces of a puzzle, each discovery and application of our talents unlocks another part in our life’s purpose.

“I pray today that another piece of your purpose is unlocked and for the boldness to step out in faith. Go for it, you’ve got greatness inside you and the world is waiting for it to be unleashed,” she said by way of advice to particular individuals who she said are often talented but are scared of launching into the field of entrepreneurship.

The Morning Glory Arts launch is scheduled for 6:50 pm at 1a Barton Aerle Road in Stony Hill.