Be Bold and Courageous

We are all blessed with God given talents. These talents are designed to bless us, bless others and most of all glorify the giver of the talents. Our talents are a reflection of the awesome and magnificent God of the universe. For the word of God says that we are made in his image and likeness. But too often we hide our talents out of fear. Fear of what others may think, fear of what people may say, fear of our inadequacies, fear of our capabilities, fear of comparison, fear of the value others put on our talents, fear of success, fear of failure. But the same God that gave us these talents said that “he did not give us a spirit of fear, but of Power, Love and a Sound Mind”. So today I challenge you to search your heart, ask God to reveal your talents, pray for the spirit of boldness to step out and excercise your talents (plural because there are many in you). Now is not the time to shrink back in fear but to step boldly with the confidence in knowing that God is with you and you will not fail. Go on, the world is waiting. 

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  • Inspiring words that are greatly needed in this materialistic and misguided world we reside in.


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