About the Artist

Tshani is the Founder and Creative Director of Morning Glory Arts. A self-taught artist, entrepreneur, trained public speaker and designer that discovered painting in her late 30s

Born Tshani Dassita Birhan Jaja, which means “Marvelous, Morning Glory, Gift of God”. It was in her late 20s after devoting her life to Christ, that she began to truly understand purpose and how to unlock the multiple talents within her

“My art is an expression of the beauty of God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. So great and awesome are His works that they can never be replicated. It is the same belief that I give to each uniquely inspired-painting” 

Tshani creates beautiful, thought-provoking and inspiring art through a process she calls ‘divine inspiration’ where she spends quiet time with the Lord in prayer, listening to praise and worship music and allowing each colour selection, brush stroke and media selection to produce a marvelous design inspired by the Holy Spirit.