Our Story

Tshani is the Founder and Creative Director of Morning Glory Arts. A self-taught artist, entrepreneur, marketer, public speaker and designer with a passion for helping others discover the limitless potential that God has placed in them. 

Morning Glory Arts is inspired by Matthew 5:16  "let your light shine"  to inspire and empower persons through art and lifestyle apparel to live and experience a purpose-filled life. Each art is divinely inspired and tells a story of faith, hope, love, joy, pain and triumph.  Our faith-based apparel is designed to inspire and empower confidence, self-love, boldness and faith. We seek to build a community that inspires and empowers each other to be the light that God has created us to be.  

My personal testimony:

I grew up in a Rastafarian household and became a Christian in my late 20s. For many years I struggled with low self-esteem and hated myself. I was molested at the age of 6, bullied throughout school and even at one point contemplated taking my own life. But it wasn't until I had a personal encounter with Jesus that my life changed. I started to see myself the way God saw me, "fearfully and wonderfully made" (Psalm 139:14). I started to believe that my life had purpose. My Christian journey has not been easy, and I've made some mistakes along the way, but through it all, God has been my redeemer, my refuge, my strength, my help and my source.  I began to discover the many talents that God had placed in me to positively impact this world and now i'm using these gifts to help, bless , inspire and empower others in their faith-walk.