Your time is Now! Let your light shine

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 says that there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven. And like the world we live in the basic law of nature demonstrates that the atmosphere and living organisms change as the seasons change. Whether they change color, migrate or change behaviors we can all see, feel and experience when a season changes. But unlike the environment around us, people seem less responsive to the changing times and seasons. We hold on to a season that has long left us for fear of embracing the change that comes with the new season.

For some of us, we haven't been able to identify the season we are in and therefore miss opportunities designed to propel us into our destiny and greater purpose. Therefore we become trapped in an oppressed, depressed, complacent and unfulfilling existence. We're like a person who is still wearing a winter jacket in the summer. We're hot, sticky and miserable because the winter jacket that served its purpose during the season of extreme cold is about to give us a heat stroke as we try to hold unto it in the season of extreme heat. Foolish!

There is a popular saying: “Time waits for no one”. So if we know that time waits for no man, why do we waste so much time procrastinating? Is it that we believe that procrastination builds courage, or do we feel that we're not ready, not smart enough, not financially empowered enough, not equipped, not talented enough or is it simply that we believe that it's just not the right time? Therein lies the big debate. I believe Tracy Chapman said it best in her song, “if not now, then when”.

 Life teaches us a valuable lesson as we quickly glance over the obituaries, scroll past death announcements, express grief and shock when someone dies suddenly, especially if that person is “young”. Death has a way of reminding us of our mortality and that our time on this Earth is uncertain. So why then do we take it for granted? Why do we spend precious time on petty arguments, malice, comparing ourselves with others, and gossip, and less time on the things that truly matter like forgiveness, healing, spiritual development and purpose? Ask yourself … is it time to let go of the hurt, disappointment, betrayal so that you can freely start living a life of abundance, peace, joy, prosperity and purpose? Is it time to break away from the negative and limited thinking that has been hampering your ability to start that new business, go back to school, create audacious goals or pursue your passion?

We keep hitting the snooze button on our dreams, goals, talents and purpose, thinking that we have enough time. Our thoughts are filled with … I'll start tomorrow, next week or when I have a break or enough money. The comfort, fatigue, doubt or lack of will have been our excuse for hitting that snooze button time and time again. Each of those hours lost can never be regained. Each time we snooze we are denying ourselves and others the privilege of experiencing the gifts and purpose for which we've been created.

Yes, I'm a firm believer that we're all created with a purpose by God and that our purpose is wrapped up in our gifts and talents. We owe it to our creator and ourselves to do our best to fulfill that purpose. Too often we allow our environment, job, circumstances, friends and even family to delay our purpose because they've somehow convinced us that “now is not the right time”. But it's my belief that only the time maker should get to say when the “right time” is. My time maker says that I should walk by faith and not by sight. My time maker says that faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen. My time maker says that He has already equipped me and shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory. My time maker says to be bold and courageous for He is with me. My time maker says that the time is now.


Time is precious, more precious than any Movado, Hublot, Rolex or Franck Muller watch that we've entrusted to tell us the correct time. So let's use our time wisely, to build each other up, mend broken relationships, pursue our passions, spend time with our loved ones, step out in faith, and fulfill our God-given purpose. Today I want to challenge you by asking “what time is it? My answer is “It's time to make a change.” Let's challenge ourselves to make every second worth living, starting this second.  The time is now. Let your light shine

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